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Agenda 2030 – Draw Your Own Conclusion

Read Agenda 2030 below. Portions have been highlighted by GoldCountryPatriots for emphasis. Agenda 2030 with Hightlights Advertisements

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Pacific Legal Foundation’s lawsuit takes on Obamacare in its entirety

    It’s true. Pacific Legal Foundation’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act goes to the very heart of Obamacare – the Individual Mandate that nearly every American must purchase a federally prescribed health insurance plan or pay a charge … Continue reading

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How to Appeal the CALFIRE Fee

The law that created the Fire Fee also established the appeals process; Time is Critical! The Fire Fee bill must be paid and/or appealed within thirty days of the billing date (which is when the bill was sent, not when … Continue reading

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California Insurance Commissioner Warns of ‘Real Disaster’ from Obamacare

The California insurance commissioner, a Democrat, is warning that Obamacare could be disastrous. “We can have a real disaster on our hands,” David Jones, the commissioner, tells the Associated Press. Read more…

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California Continues to Collect Illegal Rural Fire TAX

Almost 800,000 California families are going to have their bank accounts ripped off by Guv Brown and the Democrats.  For most the $150 “rural fire fee” (a tax) can be reduced to $115—money that belongs to the families not the … Continue reading

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CA ratepayers fleeced for green power line in Canada

“Today the subcommittee hears from the ratepayers who are bearing spiraling costs for electricity caused by ill-advised government policy. For example, we will hear that Central Valley Project power customers are being fleeced by an unaccountable tax program that lavishes … Continue reading

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Fire Tax Conference

Runner to Hold Fire Fee Tele-Townhall George Runner will hold a teleconference townhall on Tuesday, May 7 at 6 p.m. regarding the confusing and controversial Fire Prevention Fee. “Many of my constituents have expressed concern about the fairness and cost … Continue reading

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