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Obama: Washington NOT Local City Council should Determine Zoning Laws/Right to Build

If your city or county takes Federal money, it has given up control of its zoning—now Obama can tell you what you must do with your property—a city council under Obama is good for ribbon cutting of the few new … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe: Nevada Wants Jobs & California Wants to Save the Planet

The people and lawmakers in Nevada are not illiterate or stupid.  They have watched as California legislators kill jobs, raise the cost of living and taxes and create regulations guaranteed to assure a Depression for a generation. Read more…

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Baldwin County’s comprehensive plan voted down and all but shouted down

Egged on by a large crowd invoking property rights, United Nations Agenda 21, the U.S. Constitution and even the Communist Manifesto, the Baldwin County Commission killed the Horizon 2025 comprehensive plan today. Read more…

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Planning Is Socialism

Anyone who thinks that planning for “growth” is anything other than a exercise in futility is still experiencing the mind-altering visions that their college chemicals visited upon him or her so many years ago. Today’s planners meet in little rooms, … Continue reading

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UC Davis scholars’ paper raps El Dorado County planning as dysfunctional

“planning decisions might be made on a regional or state level” “The authors are arguing that the local population cannot be entrusted to make proper decisions.” Read more…

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Action Alert for Calaveras County Property Owners!

Calaveras County is proposing changing our land uses without getting permission from individual property owners.  

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American Planning Association Putting Lipstick on a Pig?

Now that Agenda 21 and ICLEI have been exposed on a National level, the American Planning Association appears to be scrambling to change its terminology in order to make the expansion of government control over our private property  and daily choices sound … Continue reading

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