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California Air Resources Board Preparing Program to Allow “Poor” to Have Taxpayers Buy Them Nissan Leaf!

Looks like Guv Brown has come up with a new “justice” for the poor—“transportation justice”.  Sit down when you read this:  the California Air Resources Board is looking to create a policy where the State gives a FREE electric vehicle … Continue reading

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Chu Gets Chewed Out: You’re Telling My Constituents They ‘Need to Buy a Nissan Leaf!?’

Energy Secretary Steven Chu testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday regarding the department’s stimulus loan programs and what the administration is doing about oil prices. A House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform congressman became frustrated with the secretary’s testimony on … Continue reading

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Drive Electric Vehicles While Roads Crumble

If Obama had his way, everybody would ride in an electric car, walk, or use a government transportation system to visit Grandma in Chico, get to work or see a movie.

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