Michael Shaw – Globalism vs. America

Part 1 – Introduction to Globalism in America. Define and illustrate how globalism works to undermine the foundation of the American experiment.

Part 2 – What is Agenda 21? Global to local governance and how it leads to tyranny.  Contrast the difference Individual Rights and Community Rights.

Part 3 – What is the Wildlands Project? What is Sustainable Development? How Congress is ignoring the Constitution.

Part 4 – How Congress is ignoring the Constitution, continued.  Agenda 21 goes local – ICLEI, Regionalism and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

Part 5 –Agenda 21 goes local, continued – Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Sierra Business Council

Part 6  –Agenda 21 goes local, continued –Sierra Business Council, Steve Wilensky, Amador – Calaveras Consensus Group, Katherine Evatt, Foothill Conservancy, San Framanto, Historic Preservation, and The Chamber of Commerce.

Part 7 –Agenda 21 goes local, continued – Amador County Transportation Commission and the De Novo company, the Sierra – Nevada Alliance, USDA – The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Delta Sierra CREEK.  What you can do to reverse Agenda 21 – act locally!

Part 8 –What you can do to reverse Agenda 21 – act locally, continued! Conclusion – Will there be freedom, peace and security or, collectivism, regionalism, and tyranny?


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