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A Nation Divided, by Tom McClintock

The American Form of Government: Republic vs. Democracy

Part 1: The Constitution

Part 2: The Constitution and the Congress

Part 3: The Constitution and the President

Part 4: The Constitution and the Courts

Part 5: The Constitution and the States


Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Part 1

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – Part 2

Michael Shaw – Globalism vs. America Parts 1 – 8

Disaster Preparedness Resources and Guides

Articles by Stewart Rhodes:

The First Fundamental Principle Of Constitutional Interpretation: Your Rights Don’t Come From Government

The Bill Of Rights:  The Constitution’s Built-In, Mandatory Manual of Constitutional Interpretation

Stewart Rhodes is an ex-paratrooper, disabled vet, ex-firearms instructor, former Ron Paul staff member, Yale Law grad/Research Scholar, Montana/Nevada lawyer and is the founder and Director of Oath Keepers