Calaveras County Invasion

AngryAt the March 29th Board of Supervisors meeting a handful of people showed up from the group, “Calaveras County Invasion” to protest the Board’s decision to let Commissioner Wooster remain on the Planning Commission. The protesters were upset that they had arrived at the meeting too late to speak during the initial public comment period and would have to wait for the public comment period at the end of the meeting, like very body else. They accused those who spoke before them of intentionally wasting everybody’s time. During the scheduled presentations the protesters were rude and disruptive. They made a lot of noise. One woman brought a little girl and encouraged her to sing. When asked to quiet down they would get confrontational make more noise. At one point during the presentation on the State of Jefferson they interrupted the meeting by applauding with the audience and then continuing to clap in a loud rhythm well after the applause had stopped. The meeting had to be formally stopped so the police officer could calm them down and explain to these people the proper way to conduct themselves at a Board of Supervisors meeting. During the public comment period, when the protesters did speak, they were condescending and threatened to replace all of our Supervisors, except Mr. Wright, with those THEY interviewed, recruited and endorsed. How arrogant that these outsiders think Calaveras citizens can’t elect our own Supervisors and that they have a right to select which Supervisors we should elect! At least they admitted to their real agenda – a POLITICAL one!


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One Response to Calaveras County Invasion

  1. Laura Kliegman says:

    Wow…how TOTALLY inappropriate, and ignorant of them to not even respect the order of the meeting! I do not even know who the “Invasionists” are, but if they can’t behave better than that, I think they need to get some remediation at the adult school!

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