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Say Goodbye To Choosing Your Neighbors And Local Tax Rates –Obama/Feds Will Decide

Free choice is where you live in America is quickly coming to an end.  Like any other tin pot dictator, Barack Obama is setting in place the “rules” of where you are allowed to live—based on his bigotry, using color … Continue reading

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Forming the State of Jefferson – Plan B

Mark Baird, speaker for the Jefferson Movement explains the tactics behind achieving representation for citizens living in the 21 counties of Northern California. Due to the lack of representation by our own “Representatives”, Plan B includes the road map through … Continue reading

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HUD mandates ‘affordable housing’ in affluent suburbs

The Obama administration has started its push to expand low-income housing into “higher opportunity areas.” Read more: 

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Calaveras County Invasion

At the March 29th Board of Supervisors meeting a handful of people showed up from the group, “Calaveras County Invasion” to protest the Board’s decision to let Commissioner Wooster remain on the Planning Commission. The protesters were upset that they … Continue reading

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