The Mother Lode Tea Party: Common Core Study Group

Common Core:

Setting the Standard for Constitutional Illegitimacy?

 The U.S. Constitution wisely deferred education to the states to help deter federal despotism.Three national education laws signed into law since 1979 have specifically forbidden the establishment of a national curriculum.Yet the Common Core standards will directly lead to a national curriculum since they define the expected student outcomes with no allowance for the slightest deviancy. So how did Congress get bypassed? Inspired by the U.N.’s Agenda 21 platform, key players were Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, the Obama Administration (using carte blanche Stimulus funds) and the National Governor’s Association. Its illegitimate origin is just one reason why tea parties around the country are trying to put the brakes on yet another potential Obama train wreck.It’s arriving in less than one month to Amador County — how will YOU respond?

MLTP is encouraging members to join a new local

Common Core Study Group. Who should get involved? Anyone interested in what our children are being taught in school. Parents with school-age children are especially encouraged to get involved. They should be willing to do some research and engage in thoughtful group discussion from a conservative perspective.   The tentative goals will be to:

  • Review overall standards and how they are implemented
  • Review testing and collection of private student information
  • Arrange for a speaker for an upcoming MLTP presentation
  • Identify local strategies to help reduce harm and improve outcomes

Expertise in education is definitely not necessary! Study Group members can select their research subtopic to share with the others (or team up with a friend). Computer access would be helpful, but not necessary, since a small loaning library on the subject will be available.   Meetings will be in person and/or via the internet.

Let’s have fun figuring this puzzle out together!!! Contact facilitator Sue Hokana at 245-3806 or


More Information: Origins of the Common Core Standards

“Think Common Core Standards Were a State Initiative?”

Video: excellent Heritage Foundation Conference Panel on Common Core (first speaker for 10 min discusses history):


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One Response to The Mother Lode Tea Party: Common Core Study Group

  1. tina says:

    States need to take education back. The Dems aka communist party have been using this as a tool on the people for many years all the while stuffing their pockets, the children get the short end of the stick. “Common Core” the communist blueprint for education. Parents get to your schoolboard meetings don’t just say no, say HELL NO. Germantown,Wyoming schoolboard rejects commoncore.

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