What Recovery? Good News: California Setting Record for use of Solar Energy. Bad News: Cost is 2-3 times that of Oil/Coal Based Energy (Tax Subsidies)

It is always difficult to figure out biased reporting, since it is sometimes based on not giving the full story.  In this case the author is having a mancrush on the use of solar power in California. “Hey, remember back in August when we last noted California having set a record for the amount of utility-scale solar feeding into the state’s power grid? Well, the dark and shortening days of the coming winter haven’t slowed the state’s momentum, because we just blew past that August record, and a subsequent on set the month after.”
What he does not say is that the cost of this energy is 2-3 times that of coal or oil based energy—meaning families and businesses pay much more for energy, so they have less for needs and job growth. Oh, the money is not a direct payment—it is the Feds giving out billions in loans, grants and tax incentives.  This is like the “low cost” of electric cars—but when you add the more than $30,000 per car in tax dollar subsidies, the cars are REALLY expensive.
Get rid of the oil incentives, solar and other energy incentives and let the free market set the price. Read more…

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