The Tea Partywas right all along

After the demonization of the Tea Party movement as terrorists, extremists, suicide bombers for opposing the implementation of Obamacare. After saying over and over again that ObamaCare is the ‘law of the land’ and there can be no changes on implementation. After telling us that there is no way that it can be stopped because it is here to stay. Now, Obama wants to delay the individual mandate for a minimum of 6 weeks. What does that tell you? It is a failure and must be fought against. Stand with and support us in that fight. 

We were right all along. ObamaCare is a disaster. The website is a non-working mess. The law itself is an economic hurricane that will wreak havoc on the financial stability of this country and every person in it. Beyond that, it is a direct assault on our freedom. It must be stopped. It must be done away with. It must be fought against.

Help us stop it…..for the good of our republic. Future generations are counting on us.


Jennifer Burke
National Outreach Director


About goldcountrypatriots

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