Calaveras Taxpayer TV

Calaveras County Public Access TV has added a new program for the enjoyment of cable viewers. “Taxpayer Alert” is a public service effort by volunteers and sponsored by the Calaveras County Taxpayers Association. 
Our last six program interviews are linked to YouTube below:
Jon Coupal
Jon is President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and is leading the lawsuit seeking to overturn the Fire Tax. He discusses other issues as well.
George Runner
George is our representative on the Board of Equalization and he discusses several issues including the Fire Tax.
Rebecca Callen
Rebecca is our County Auditor/Controller and she discusses concerns about county overspending and other issues.
Richard Fields
Richard represents the Pacific Legal Foundation and he discusses several interesting court cases protecting human liberty.
Gary Kuntz 
Gary is our Calaveras County Sheriff and he discusses progress in reducing response time and improvements including the new jail. He also comments on Sheriff Mack and his Supreme Court case.
Steve Fairchild 
Steve owns Moaning Cavern Park and other very successful enterprises in the Gold County. He is former President of the County Chamber, the Visitor’s Bureau and is Vice President of the Calaveras Taxpayers Association. He discusses several interesting concepts and issues.

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