You may need to take further action to secure your opportunity for a refund

As you know, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is in the process of suing the state, asking the court to order refunds of what we believe to be an illegal tax.
We have been urging those paying the tax (the state calls it a “fee”) to appeal the fee by filing a Petition for Redetermination. If HJTA is victorious in court, it will be easier to secure refunds for those who have filed the Petition for Redetermination.
Until now, we have been advising those who filed the Petition after receiving last year’s bill that it would not be necessary to file again when paying this year’s bill.
While we believe our recommendation to be correct, a Cal Fire Public Relations Representative is saying that people should send in a Petition for Redetermination for this year’s bill, even if they filed previously.
In the interest of caution, then, we are now telling property owners that they should protest every billing by filing a new Petition for Redetermination each time.
If you need more information, copies of the forms to be submitted and the addresses to which they should be mailed, please go to

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One Response to You may need to take further action to secure your opportunity for a refund

  1. J Coffin says:

    I simply wrote “Paid Under Protest” on the memo line of my check. I received denial letters from CalFire and from the State Board of Equalization. Isn’t that enough to secure a refund, if and when the lawsuit prevails?

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