Urgent veto SB 54 petition to Governor Brown


Thank you to everyone who sent letters to Governor Brown urging him to veto Senate Bill 54, a bill jammed through at the last minute that would raise gas prices on us all, kill 5,000 refinery jobs and compromise public safety. The Governor has only until October 13th to make a decision on the bill.

We plan to deliver this urgent petition on Tuesday of next week so need you to sign and share the petition as soon as possible to maximize the number of signatures we are able to present.
Urgent petition: Signatures must be in by Monday night

Click to sign the petition

SB 54 (Hancock) imposes unprecedented and unreasonable requirements on refinery operators and other businesses in California. While claiming to be about safety, the bill would:

  • Require a specified number of refinery workers be members of the Building and Construction Trades union, a requirement that will displace existing workers who undergo extensive safety training; and,
  • Impose prevailing wage requirements on refinery operators; prevailing wage laws have to date been limited to public works projects utilizing tax funds,
  • Displace up to 5,000 highly-skilled and highly-trained workers with years of maintenance and workplace safety experience.
  • Set a precedent in California by telling private sector employers who they can hire, irrespective of safety, and what they would be required to pay them. These costs will be passed on to us all through even higher gas costs that we cannot afford.

Click here to sign the petition. Because the Governor could sign the bill at any time, it’s important that you act now.

Click here to download the fact sheet and share it with your friends, fellow activists or members of your union.

We can’t afford more lost jobs, higher gas prices and new threats to public safety. Tell Governor Brown to VETO SB 54 now!


Eric Eisenhammer


Coalition of Energy Users


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