Lecture on Preserving Private Rural Property

Elizabeth Nickson, an investigative reporter, documents the destructive impact of the environmental movement.  She will talk  about how the environmental movement has moved 40 million Americans off their lands, destroyed the resource and rural economies, and how their bad science is now destroying the forests, ranges and water system they claim they are saving.  She talks about the metric tons of money they command to prosecute their appalling agenda and the communities all across the U.S. they have destroyed.  She will  give you  the tools and arguments you need to defeat the bureaucrats and activists who have become the ‘enemy within’

WHEN: Wednesday, September 4

WHERE:  Cattlemen’s Restaurant, Livermore

TIME:  6:00PM for dinner/drinks, 7:00PM for Lecture

CHARGE:  $0  (There is no charge for lecture but we would like people to come early and patronize the restaurant and we are requesting a $5 to $10 donation to offset Elizabeth’s expenses)


Print and Distribute Flyers

Your Property Is In Danger

Your Home Is In Danger

Help Us Pack The Audience For This Great Presentation


Reservations Recommended:

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If you care about private property and rural and suburban land this is a MUST ATTEND 



The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Audobon Society,

Land Trust and Conservancy Organizations

are NOT your friends

Watch the Sierra Club in Action in Alameda County

The Theft of Private Ranching Property in Alameda County-Measure D


(from the book Eco-Fascists* page 223)

  1. From 1980-2008, the US lost 1.4 million ranches, marking a 53% decrease in beef cattle operations , a 90% loss in swine operations, an 80% loss in dairy operations, and a 31% loss in sheep operations.
  2. There has been an increase in beef consumption in ten years.
  3. Beef prices have steadily risen yet prices received by cattle producers have decreased.
  4. There has been a 400% increase in the number of land trusts in the American heartland.
  5. There has been a 400% increase in conservation easements in the American heartland.


 (from the book Eco-Fascists* page 2- 3)


  1. The sequestration of productive land has been unmatched since the age of kings.
  2. Over 30% of American land lies under no-use or limited use restrictions-almost 700 million acres.
  3. BLM and Dept of Interior (with the help of NGOs) are targeting for confiscation another 213 million acres.
  4. Nearly HALF the continent would be locked down with existing and proposed restrictions.

Link to the book on Amazon here




Get Involved:  Do NOT let the sun set on LIBERTY in the



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