Taxpayer-AlertThe next two episodes of PATV Taxpayer Alert programs are on YouTube. These will be soon shown to cable customers in Calaveras County. A big thank you goes to Ed Lark, Studio Manager, and the many volunteers who work tirelessly to provide quality Public Access TV programming. Many of the programs covering a wide variety of subjects can be accessed HERE.

The first 1/2 hour program features an interview with the County Auditor Controller, Rebecca Callen. Rebecca shares information and concern about our county budget which is out of balance by about three million dollars. There is discussion about prioritizing funding based on importance of government functions. Public safety seems to be the highest priority.

The second 1/2 hour program features an interview with Richard Fields, representing the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF). This program would be of special interest to those involved with land use or property rights issues. Richard talks about PLF and several cases they are working on, including Sackett v. EPA which was unanimously won before the Supreme Court. High school volunteers in the control room were overheard saying “No Way!” The other cases discussed are Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District case, the AB 32 case, Obama Care case and the Utah Prairie Dog “Endangered Species” case. There are several plugs for donations to the non-profit foundation.

Albert J. Segalla, President

Calaveras County Taxpayers Association

Join Us!!


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