Taxpayers Prevail in First Hearing on Fire Tax

Last week, HJTA’s legal team appeared in Sacramento Superior Court to defend against a state request that our lawsuit, against what we believe to be an illegal fire tax, be dismissed.

The state claimed the suit could not be brought as a class action and they wanted several of our plaintiffs to be dismissed because those plaintiffs sought refunds for everyone who paid the fee, not just those who filed appeals with CalFire.  Our Director of Legal Affairs, Tim Bittle, urged the judge to allow the case to move forward.  If the State acted illegally, he argued, it should not be rewarded by getting to keep the money of over 800,000 Californians affected.

This week the judge issued his ruling rejecting the state’s arguments and allowing the suit to move forward.

This is just the beginning of a long legal process, and this decision does not necessarily indicate the final outcome.  However, we have won an important victory and HJTA lawyers continue to believe the case is strong and that, ultimately, taxpayers will prevail.

If you are a rural homeowner or just interested in this case, please go to and click on the rotating Fire Tax Protest banner.  Here you can read the latest news and sign up for e-mail alerts specifically on the fire tax.


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