Action Alert: Stop SB 1!!!

The Mother Lode Tea Party

Action Alert: Stop SB 1

(Sustainable Communities Investment Authority)

What is SB 1

-It creates a new government agency in each county or city to extract property tax and other taxes (sales tax) to fund ‘sustainable communities” in California. This is a terrible bill that would allow cities, special districts, and counties to create a Sustainable Community Investment Authority with no voter  oversight to alter our way of life.

-It can issue bonds without voter approval.

-It can also declare rural and suburban areas blight without cause (Eminent Domain on Steroids)

-It will lead to government abuse/eminent domain over private property rights.

-It will lead to increase in city/county taxes.

SB 1 is sponsored by State Senator Steinberg (Sacramento), and State Senator Mark DeSaulnier (Contra Costa County). SB 1 passed the State Senate with 27 Yes and 11 No votes.

SB 1 will be heard on August 14, 2013 in the Assembly of Local Governance. SB 1 is the funding mechanism for Sustainable Communities (aka the One Bay Area Plan).

How can we stop it?

  •  Call each Committee member before August 14, 2013 to oppose SB 1.
  •   Organizations or elected officials send a letter of SB 1 opposition to Committee before Aug 14th.

Then call your own Assembly member to oppose SB


The text of SB 1 is located here



Call or Fax Assembly Committee Members


What to Say: “Hi, my name is ____________. I’m from _________, CA. I urge (Assembly member) to vote against SB 1 because it will violate private property rights and lead to lack of government transparency.”

Organizations Offering Opposition Testimony:

Contact Assembly Committee Staff to offer a letter of opposition as an elected official, or organization. Please, fax the letter since mail will take time!

Assembly Local Government Committee

1020 N Street, Room 157

Sacramento, CA 95815

Tel: 916-319-3958

Fax: 916-319-3959


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