It’s Time to Get Government Off the Backs of Farmers and Ranchers!

State and federal regulations threaten to plow under California agriculture, so it’s time to stand up. It’s time to fight back!

Join Pacific Legal Foundation for a series of briefings on litigation to challenge the massive new taxes collected under California’s cap and trade auction present significant costs and consequences to businesses and consumers across the state.  The biggest problem with the California Air Resources Board’s auction regulation is the taxes were created in violation of the California Constitution, so Pacific Legal Foundation has sued

These briefings will also highlight attempts by regulators to diminish long-standing water rights and to impose environmental regulations that make farmers, ranchers and foresters an “endangered” species.  
It’s important to head off this regulatory train wreck before it destroys jobs, agricultural businesses, and our state’s economy.
Pacific Legal Foundation is holding regional briefings for farmers, ranchers and other business owners. These briefings will include presentations by PLF attorneys Ted Hadzi-Antich and Anthony Francois.
Pacific Legal Foundation is leading the charge in the nation’s courts to protect agricultural producers and our state’s economy.

It’s time to hold CARB’s feet to the fire on the massive new taxes under AB 32. It’s time to dig in and challenge other wrong-headed environmental regulations that hurt farms and rural communities.   

We must hold regulators accountable to the Constitution! We need your help. 
Free events, though RSVP required
The events are free of charge, but advanced registration is required so that we can adequately plan for the space and refreshments.   Please contact Jennifer Rohde at (916) 419-7111 or

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