A Message from Congressman Tom McClintock

Dear friend,

The outrageous behavior by the IRS in targeting specific groups strikes at the very foundation of a free society: the rule of law and the right of the people to question the policies of their government without fear of retribution or intimidation.

Over a year ago I spoke on the House floor detailing the harassment by the IRS of a group in our district.  This group was stonewalled for a year and a half, with the IRS demanding thousands of pages of documentation and giving the group less than three weeks to produce it.  Only after an arduous battle was tax exempt status granted.

The unfolding scandal at the IRS should alarm every American of good will regardless of political philosophy, for if this precedent is allowed to stand, no one’s freedom is safe.

Over the past few weeks I have discussed in House floor remarks the important role that tax exempt groups have played in the history of our country, the insatiable appetite by the IRS for names, names and more names and raised the question of what the IRS has done with the names they have already collected.  Where are these lists now and with whom were they shared?

It is imperative that this issue be fully investigated until it is completely rectified, new safeguards erected against its recurrence, and those responsible held fully accountable.

I invite you to read or view the House floor remarks below.

“IRS Harassment of Tea Party Groups”

“Freedom Under Siege” 

“Give Us Their Names”

Click here to let me know what you think or to submit similar accounts of IRS harassment.

The Ways and Means Committee website also has a section where constituents can share their stores about IRS discrimination:

Additionally, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee maintains a general whistleblower website, where constituents can report discrimination or abuse from any federal agency:


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