The IRS and NorCal Tea Party Law Suit

NorCal eagleToday was also a day that has proven to be history making as NorCal Tea Party became the first target group of the IRS who filed a law suit against them.
Some have asked “Why?”  “What do you hope to get?”
First, we want to see that all liberty minded organizations are made whole again from their harassment from the IRS.  Trying to calculate what groups lost in terms of membership, donations, time and out of pocket expenses to accommodate the IRS’s demands is unacceptable and unconstitutional.  I know what we have personally lost in terms of our membership, our personal finances as well as NorCal Tea Party’s finances and hundreds of my own man hours putting all that information together.
Second, we were denied our first amendment rights, denied due process and the IRS violated my 14th amendment rights that all laws apply to all equally.
Today was packed with one media event after another.  We began at the National Press Club for the press conference announcing the law suit.  Then we had a train ride from DC to New York to Neil Cavuto.  Immediately, we went upstairs to meet with Tom Sullivan.  In the meantime, news outlets from all over the country were calling, texting and e-mailing wanting interviews.
Life for Del and I has surely changed in the past two weeks and will surely continue to be different, but we are up for the call.  We hope that our efforts will help others stand up to the fear of government and stand for freedom and liberty, no matter the cost.
Neil Cavuto Show
Thank so many of you with your kind words and sweet messages.
Ginny Rapini
NorCal Tea Party Coordinator

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