IRS: Internal Retaliation Service

In recent years, we have witnessed arrogant exploitation of power by the Department of Interior and the EPA as they push their political agendas.  And now we’ve found out that the most feared government agency of all, the IRS, has engaged in direct partisan activity by selectively targeting private citizens who speak out for liberty, constitutional government, or free enterprise.  The framers of our Constitution would not be surprised that government agencies, left unchecked, could use their powers for castigation and harassment.  Of all government agencies, the IRS needs extraordinary oversight because of how it is uniquely empowered with the capacity to single out individuals for punishment.

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The IRS admitted to abusing the power entrusted to it. Now, it is tasked with enforcing the complex mandates, taxes, and regulations in Obamacare? Take action NOW and tell your legislator it’s time to repeal Obamacare: Click here.

State Funds could Allow for Pay Raises for Elected Officials

The state certified Thursday that it has a sufficient reserve fund to allow pay raises for Gov. Jerry Brown, state lawmakers and other elected officials, but members of a panel that sets pay say they will probably maintain the status quo for another year. Read more from the LA Times here.

Apple CEO Tim Cook to Propose Tax Overhaul 

Apple chief executive Tim Cook plans to propose a “dramatic simplification” of corporate tax laws when he testifies for the first time before Congress next week, just as lawmakers are considering an overhaul of the tax code. Read more here.

How much money is hidden in LA city departments?

The recent discovery of an extra $43 million in the Department of Transportation’s budget shows just how little Los Angeles city leaders know about so-called “special funds,” the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee said Wednesday. Read from KPCC here.


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