Taxes Equal 108 Days Out of 365

Tax Freedom Day 2013 is April 18. That’s the day you begin to work for yourself instead of the government. California’s Tax Freedom Day is April 24. Texas is April 10. In 1990 it was January 22.

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3 Responses to Taxes Equal 108 Days Out of 365

  1. roberta4949 says:

    amazing how people believe this debt is theres, no it is the federal governments debt and their employees, not the average guy who has been forced into declaring themselves an employee of the federal gov, no contract is valid if under threat, fraud or deception and in this case they are borrowing against you without your consent, hence fraud, if you vote/particpate in gov or try to reform it, you are legitimizing their theft, and are a party to their crimes, the constitution allowed taxation by apportionment (after all the gov has to be able to pay it’s legit bills)not a direct tax of income which really only applies to corporations profits, last time i checked most people are not corporations. anyway corruption is as corruption does, while some forms of taxation are just most are not. can’t really be to angry at rulers tho, they are after all only human and are subject to corruption and tempation to abuse their priveleges, and many are just as lost as the average guy on the street. they are trying to reform the unreformable, even ron paul himself said that all his efforts at helping them reform themselves to go back to a lawful gov (opposed to legalistic one) fell on deaf ears,but he said most were too self interested to change. so what did he do? he left, resigned, wise move, this is what you do when your part of an orgnaization of people who do bad things and refuse to change, to avoid complicity and bloodguilt yourself you leave it, resign or whatever you call it. this applies to any association you are part of, you leave it if it violates the law to avoid guilt yourself (leaving it shows you realize it’s doing what is wrong and you dont condone it or agree with it) so this debt will only continue till the very end of this system of things (world)

    • Good points. Where would one leave to?

      • roberta4949 says:

        nowhere on this planet, it will require devine intervention (remember the isrealites were in the precise same situation) they couldn’t free themselves no matter what they would do (short of being murdered in mass by those with more power) in fact satan (he has demons to help him maintain the power) is the one who delegate the power to the governments and he sure as heck makes sure no one can overthrow his government, and when they do it is usually he who causes it to be overthrown so a more tyrannical government can be put in place (he promises freedom to those who rebel against the government or those who work to reform it,) he promised freedom to eve when in fact he was offering full blown slavery, humans have tried to free themselves from tyrannical and oppressive rulers for thousands of years and all they manage to do is trade one ruler for another. it never works, you have to rid the world of satan, sin and death no man can do this. remember ti doesn’t matter who gets into power, they become corrupted even solomon as much as he loved Jehovah became corrupt because humans cannot handle power (apart from Jehovah’s help/backing) properly nor handle the temptations that come about because of it, he has his own way of solving the problems we are suffering under,

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