Tom McClintock Media Recap

Over the past few weeks, Congressman Tom McClintock has appeared in a number of media interviews and answered some tough questions on the minds of voters, both in California’s Fourth Congressional District and across the country.

Here’s a recap of what Congressman McClintock has been up to:

McClintock on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Watch Congressman McClintock’s appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal where he talked about the sequester, the recently passed Continuing Resolution, and efforts to defund ObamaCare.

McClintock on the Radio

3/7/13: Congressman McClintock joined Chris Daniel of KMJ to chat about the breakdown of constitutionally protected individual liberties and foreign policy issues facing the United States.

3/7/13: Congressman McClintock spoke with Amy and Ed from KBFK about Sen. Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster of CIA nominee John Brennan, North Korea’s recent threat against the United States, and President Obama’s push for increased gun control laws.

3/5/13: Congressman McClintock caught up with Dan Mason of KOH on the latest news out of Washington, including the sequester and the United States’ precarious fiscal situation, and the bureaucracy that is hurting the economy of the Lake Tahoe area.

2/28/13: Congressman McClintock joined Amy and Ed from KFBK to discuss the sequester debate that is raging in Congress.

2/21/13: Congressman McClintock chatted with Amy and Ed from KFBK about President Obama’s obfuscation on Washington’s fiscal problems and spending cuts that will soon take effect.

Upcoming Media Events

Check out the Media Center at for Tom’s latest radio and television appearances.


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