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John Adams on democracy:

“Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Advertisements

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Tom McClintock on immigration reform:

“Comprehensive immigration reform” means the same as it meant in 1986, the last time Congress took up the issue. The agreement was that we were going to secure our borders, make it illegal to hire anyone who illegally enters the … Continue reading

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ObamaCare to Raise Private Insurance Costs in California by 62% (on top of 25% already done)

Why is California going to stay in a generation long Depression?  Among the reasons is health care, Obama style.  In the past year private insurance has gone up 25% in California.  Now we can expect a 62% increase—with a shortage … Continue reading

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California’s New Taxes Are Paying for Pensions

What if a corporation raised $500 million in a securities offering on the premise that the proceeds would go for operating expenses, then disclosed a few months later that $300 million of this amount would instead be used to service … Continue reading

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Stossel spotlights federal “green tyranny” — and PLF’s fight for victims

Sacramento, CA; March 28, 2013:  “Green Tyranny” is the title of tonight’s Stossel Show with John Stossel, on the Fox Business network.  Host John Stossel will spotlight oppressive environmental regulations that victimize average people — undermining their property rights and … Continue reading

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Cal Fire formally served with fire tax lawsuit

Back in October, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association filed our lawsuit arguing the fire tax, which has impacted over 800,000 California property owners, was an illegal violation of Prop. 13.  Now, the Courts have cleared our lawsuit to be served … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe: Nevada Wants Jobs & California Wants to Save the Planet

The people and lawmakers in Nevada are not illiterate or stupid.  They have watched as California legislators kill jobs, raise the cost of living and taxes and create regulations guaranteed to assure a Depression for a generation. Read more…

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