Tuolumne County Republicans Elect 2012-13 officers – make plans for the future

Local Republicans took the oath of office Thursday night for the upcoming 2-year term on the Republican Central Committee. The new officers are: Isaac Kight, Chairman who also holds the position of representative for Tom McClintock on the Committee; Skip Conley, Vice-Chairman; and Patricia Ryan, Secretary.  Mike Ayala was appointed Parliamentarian and Charlotte Frazier was appointed Corresponding Secretary.

The balance of the new members are:  Margaret Davis, Chuck Day, Jo Day, Max Kernaghan, Bob Leslie, Karl Rodefer, and Gary Neubert.

The first official act taken by the Committee was to send a letter of thank-you to Congressman McClintock for voting against the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill.

There are positions open in all districts except the Jamestown/Columbia area, District Five. If you are interested in serving on the Central Committee or just want to find out what it is all about, you are invited to attend the meetings. The meetings are always open to the public. They are held the first Thursday of every month at 6 pm in the Tuolumne County Supervisor Chambers. The next meeting will be February 7th.

For information call Skip Conley at 352-2153 or Patricia Ryan at 532-5352. Interested, registered Republicans are urged to become involved.


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