Calaveras County Public Works Director Scores Big Time

Apparently Calaveras County Auditor-Controller Rebecca Callen appropriately withheld an almost $20,000.00 pay raise to Public Works Director, Tom Garcia due to the Board of Supervisors improperly voting for the raise behind closed doors. The item was subsequently put on the agenda for Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Calaveras County Board of Supervisors ignored overwhelming opposition from their constituents over the vote to increase Public Works Director, Tom Garcia’s salary from $117, 832.00 to $136,115.00 annually.

Many people stated that they felt a raise was inappropriate in an economy with so many people having to take pay cuts or getting laid off.

Darren Spellman and Steve Wilensky voted against the pay raise. Spellman explained that he understood the value of the Public Works Director in the completion of the General Plan. However, he stated that he his constituents were strongly against the pay raise, and as an elected representative of his constituents, he was voting no.

The other supervisors, in their determination to comply with the State requirement to complete the general plan, seemed to be more committed to being agents of the state instead of representatives of their constituents as they voted for the provocative raise for the Public Works Director.

Peter Racz  commented, “The state of the county, which has 16 million dollars in unfunded liabilities, and the open opposition and outrage of the rank and file workers of Public Works, put a great pressure on the Board of Supervisors to examine the working of the whole department of Public Works.”


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