Attack on Prop. 13

Immediate Action Requested!

ACTION NEEDED: Contact members of the Assembly Local Government Committee (see below) and tell them you oppose Assembly Constitutional Amendment 23.

WHEN TO TAKE ACTION: Now. A bill radically amending the two-thirds vote protection provided by Proposition 13 is up for a hearing this Wednesday, June 27, at 1:30.

WHY: Fresno Assemblyman Henry Perea (916-319-2031) has introduced a bill, ACA 23, that lowers the two-thirds vote for a special tax to fund local transportation projects from a two-thirds to 55% vote.

This bill will make it easier for local politicians to raise your taxes, including sales taxes, further straining tight family budgets and costing jobs. California’s taxes are already among the highest in the nation – the politicians already have enough money to provide high quality transportation infrastructure.  They don’t need any more money, they need to put an end to the rampant waste, fraud and abuse occurring under their watch.

Call Henry Perea (916-319-2031) and your representatives on the Committee and tell them to vote NO on ACA 23. 

Tell them we need jobs and reforms, not taxes!

Committee Members

Assembly Member Cameron Smyth, Chair (Rep – District 38)
State Capitol, Room 4098
Sacramento, CA 94248-0001
(916) 319-2038

Assembly Member Luis A. Alejo, Vice Chair (Dem – District 28)
State Capitol, Room 2137
Sacramento, CA 94249-0028
(916) 319-2028

Assembly Member Steven Bradford (Dem – District 51)
State Capitol, State Capitol, Room 5136
Sacramento, CA 90301
(916) 319-2051

Assembly Member Nora Campos (Dem – District 23)
State Capitol, Room 2175
Sacramento, CA 94249-0023
(916) 319-2023

Assembly Member Mike Davis (Dem – District 48)
State Capitol, Room 2160
Sacramento, CA 94249-004
(916) 319-2048

Assembly Member Richard S. Gordon (Dem – District 21)
State Capitol, Room 5175
Sacramento, CA 94249-0021
(916) 319-2021

Assembly Member Ben Hueso (Dem – District 79)
State Capitol, Room 5144
Sacramento, CA 94249-0079
(916) 319-2079

Assembly Member Steve Knight (Rep – District 36)
State Capitol, Room 4015
Sacramento, CA 94249-0036
(916) 319-2036

Assembly Member Chris Norby (Rep – District 72)
State Capitol, Room 4116
Sacramento, CA 94249-0072
(916) 319-2072


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