Who Has Not Signed A Written Pledge To Oppose Taxes?

Rico Oller signed the Americans for Tax Reform No New Taxes Pledge! ~gcp
Earlier today I blogged about the importance to taxpayers of being able to vote for candidates for office that are willing to pledge, in writing, that they will oppose tax increases.  I am pleased to report that, despite the new “top two election” system in place because of Prop. 14, we still have very few viable Republican candidates who have not signed a written pledge.  While perhaps less ideal than simply posting a long list of everyone who has signed the No New Taxes pledge, I’ve compiled a list below of viable candidates in safe Republican or competitive seats that have not signed it.  If a candidate took their own No New Taxes pledge, publicly, that was similar enough to the No New Taxes pledge, we counted that as well for our purposes as a signer.  You could go to the Americans for Tax Reform website to see which candidates have signed the federal or state level pledge.  But they get behind with their updates at crunch time, and of course they wouldn’t have anyone listed there who took their own public, written pledge.
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