The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) takes positions on issues of direct concern to taxpayers. We also may take positions on ballot measures that will impact the economy. This is because, as taxpayers, we know from painful experience when the economy turns sour and tax revenues go down, governments’ usual first reaction is to reach for the taxpayer’s wallet.

HJTA recommends:

NO on Proposition 29
YES on Pension Reform for San Diego (a city measure)

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee (HJTA-PAC) is legally separate from HJTA and was founded by Howard Jarvis to support candidates who support Proposition 13. The Committee’s principle focus is on state legislative races, but does not take a position in every race during the primary campaign.

HJTA-PAC recommends:


AD 1 Rick Bosetti
AD 3 Dan Logue
AD 5 Rico Oller
AD 6 Beth Gains
AD 16 Al Phillips
AD 33 Tim Donnelly
AD 38 Patricia McKeon
AD 41 Donna Lowe
AD 44 Mike Morrell
AD 49 Mathew Lin
AD 53 Jose Aguilar
AD 60 Eric Linder
AD 61 Joe Ludwig
AD 70 Martha Flores Gibson
AD 72 Troy Edgar
AD 73 Diane Harkey
AD 74 Allan Mansoor
AD 75 Marie Waldron
AD 79 Matt Mendoza


SD 19 Mike Stoker
SD 21 Steve Knight
SD 27 Todd Zink
SD 31 Jeff Miller


CD 1  Doug LaMalfa
CD 9 Ricky Gill
CD 21 David Valadao
CD 24  Chris Mitcum
CD 26  Tony Strickland
CD 28  Jenny Worman
CD 30  Susan Shelley
CD 31  Bob Dutton
CD 33  Bill Bloomfield
CD 47  Gary DeLong


Fresno Co. Bd. of Sups.  Debbie Poochigian
Fresno Co. Bd of Sups.   Andreas Borgeas
Orange County Bd. of Sups.   Deborah Pauly
Sacramento  County Bd. of Sups .   Roberta MacGlashan
San Bernardino Co. Bd of Sups.   Russ Blewett
San Bernardino Co. Bd. of Sups.    Neil Derry
San Diego Co. Bd. of Sups.    Carl Hilliard
Riverside Co. Bd. of Sups.    Kevin Jefferies
Ventura Co. Sups.    Neal Andrews
San Diego Mayor:  Carl DeMaio
Natomas USD Board:  Ryan Herche


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