Eagle Forum Hosts Agenda 21 Conference in Sacramento

UN Agenda 21 – Part II: “Big Green Lies and Liberty’s Demise”
You are cordially invited to attend this important conference with outstanding speakers exposing the enemy’s biggest tools for destroying liberty and property rights and exercising control over the American people – all under the name of green.
April 20-21, 2012 (Earth Day)
Double Tree Hotel, 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento  
The Conference Features:

Lobby Day- Friday, April 20, 9 a.m.-12:30 inside the Sacramento Capitol Building(Room 447): Three Different Panels will be presented. We will break for lunch and then in the afternoon do lobbying, passing out packets of important literature to state legislators.

  • Panel One: The Attack on Urban Areas – the visioning process to move us into large regional governments, human settlements with high density stack em and pack em housing, and What We Can Do to Fight it: Barbara Decker of San Diego, Heather Gass of East Bay, Karen Klinger of Sacramento
  • Panel Two: The Attack on Rural Areas and the Wildlands Project: Nina Pellegrini of San Mateo, Debbie Bacigalupi of San Carlos whose parents live in Siskiyou County; and Kevin Eggers of Napa
  • Panel Three: How Smart Meters Fit Into the Agenda 21 Plan: Scientist Rob States of Marin; Heather Bryden, founder and president of Consumer Power Alliance of Santa Barbara; Deborah Tavares, editor of RefuseSmartMeters.com of Sebastopol; and Orlean Koehle of Santa Rosa, author of Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meter
Private Reception, Photo Op and Live Auction– Friday, April 20, 5:30-6:30 p.m. – Join us for the opportunity to meet and mingle and have pictures taken with special guest speakers. There will also be a live auction of special gifts and a private yacht trip. Funds raised help support scholarships for conservative college students.  Look to our website for a list of the various items being offered.Evening Banquet – Friday, April 20, 7-9 p.m.After a delicious grilled salmon and chicken dinner, with M.C. Warren Duffy, former L.A. talk show.  State President Orlean Koehle will present awards to various outstanding people who will be honored as “Souring Eagles of the Year” for their service to God, Family, and Country for the past year.  You will then hear from the following outstanding speakers:
  • Michael Shaw – Attorney, CPA, President and      Founder of Freedom Advocates, org, of Santa Cruz, author, expert on all      branches of Agenda 21, “How Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development      Destroys the Natural World – Part I.” (Mr. Shaw will speak again the      next morning,)
  • Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, from San Bernardino, 59th      District, a former Minuteman leader and expert on immigration.  He      will speak on “Illegal Immigration’s Effect on our State and Nation      and How it is Destroying our Economy and Prosperity – all Part of the      Enemy’s Plan.”
  • Dr. Michael Coffman of Maine – Author of many great books      exposing Agenda 21. “How Far Agenda 21 has come in Achieving Their Goals and What we Must Do to Stop it! – Part I.” (Dr. Coffman will      speak again Saturday morning.)
Saturday All Day Conference – April 21, (Earth Day), Registration at 8:00, Conference begins 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., featuring Warren Duffy as the MC and the following excellent speakers:
  • Michael Shaw-“How Agenda 21/Sustainable      Development Destroys the Natural World – Part 2.”
  • Dr. Michael Coffman-“How Far Agenda 21 has come      and How to Stop it! – Part 2.”
  • Warren Duffy – Former Southern California      talk show host, founder of CFACT SoCal, “California for Environmental      Truth”-“The Disastrous Effects of Global Warming, AB 32 and Cap      and Trade.”
  • Orlean Koehle – President of Eagle Forum of California, author, former public school teacher, “The Green Indoctrination in our Public Schools and Universities to Help Implement  Agenda 21.”
Luncheon:  Delicious buffet with various salads, fish, chicken, vegetables, potatoes and cheese cakesReverend Jesse Lee Peterson– luncheon speaker, of Los Angeles, founder of BOND, Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny-“The Deliberate Attack on the Family and the Judeo-Christian Heritage of our Nation”Afternoon Speakers: 

  • Nina Pellegrini – President and Founder of      Californians for Property Rights, Member of Expose Agenda 21 Task Force,      was born and raised in Cuba, known as “the most sustainable      country,” –  What Life is Like under Castro’s Communism Compared      to America Today under Obama.”
  • Rob States, MIT Masters Degree in      engineering, expert on pulse-power generation, and micro-wave synthesizers      – “The Dark Side of Smart Meters, How They are Part of Agenda 21      Plans, and What We Can Do About Them?”
Property Right’s Panel:
  • Heather Gass, author, realtor, leader of East Bay Tea Party, Vice President for Northern California Eagle Forum, “One Bay Area, Regional Plan for Implementing Agenda 21 on Nine Bay  Counties.”
  • Barbara Decker of San Diego, Vice President of Southern California Eagle Forum, Founder of “Americans for Protecting Property Rights,” “San Diego’s First Regional (Agenda 21) Plan for the State – ‘Region 2050.’ “
  • Debbie Bacigalupi of San Carlos, Candidate for Congress, Member of Eagle Forum Expose Agenda 21 Task Force, “How the      Wildlands Project is Being Implemented in Rural California”
  • Kevin Eggers – Opt Ed Writer for the Napa Register, Member of Eagle Forum Expose Agenda 21 Task Force, “Agenda 21 is Based on Communitarian Law – What That Really Means?”
Panel of Hope: Elected City Councilman and Sheriff, – Fighting Agenda 21 in Local Areas:
  • Councilman Matt Grocott, City of San Carlos –      courageously tried to get his city to drop its membership in ICLEI,      (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), the powerful      group who helped start UN Agenda 21.
  • Councilman Michael Ceremello, City of Dixon, Civic Activist,      Investigative Reporter, Photo Journalist Dixon’s Independent Voice      Newspaper, outspoken critic of the myth of global warming and the One Bay      Area.
  • Sheriff Jon Lopey (by video)of Siskiyou County,      defender of the Constitution, who has been valiantly standing up for his      citizens against the Federal Government wanting to bring down three dams      on the Klamath River.
For more information and to register through Event Brite online, go to
If you would like to download a registration form go to www.EagleForumofCalifornia.com     
If you have any questions call Mary Wolbert at 707-544-9662.
For overnight accommodations at the Double Tree Hotel for the special group rate price of just $84.00, call 916-929-8855 and tell them you are part of the Eagle Forum conference
Other Sponsors of the Conference:Pacific Justice Institute,Long Beach Eagle Forum, Sonoma County EagleForum, East Bay Tea Party, North Bay Patriots, Bay Area Patriots, Redding Tea Party, Californians for Property Rights,Freedom Advocates.org, Americans for Protecting Property Rights, Environmental Perspectives, Inc.(EPI); Consumer Power Alliance; and RefuseSmartMeters.com  

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