California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser – Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs

An April 3rd Call to Action from the Oath Keepers &
Constitutional Sheriffs’ & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
Did you know you can get arrested for selling raw milk?
 Did you know that our military men & women who honorably served are essentially classified as
 terrorists threats by our government when they end their service?
 Did you know that men & women are being stripped of their livelihoods and rights on a
daily basis by intrusive federal & state agencies?
Did you know that laws & executive orders have been passed in order to
bypass our Constitution & Bill of Rights in order to be able to hold you
 in “indefinite detention” without any rights such as Habeas corpus or due process?
That’s just the tip of the iceberg……..Hunger Games anyone?
How can we stop this?  How do we respond? How can we help?
How does this affect you, our children, and their children?   
Come learn more Tuesday, April 3rd, at the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel in Buena Park…doors open at 6:30 pm:
California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser – Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs
 Fundraiser to educate our law enforcement community on the Constitution, Enforcing our Bill of Rights, and Protecting the People’s Liberties.
Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, & others will speak on topics like:
•  “Indefinite Detention” of American citizens by the military without charge OR trial •  Agenda 21  •  IRS Abuses
•  Food-Choice and Healthcare Freedoms  •  Honoring the Oath to the Constitution  •  And the 2nd and 10th Amendments
List of Speakers:
  • Sheriff Richard      Mack (Retired, AZ), Chairman of CSPOA and leader of      the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers movement with solutions      to meet todays challenges.
  • Stewart Rhodes, President &      Founder of Oath Keepers      – Will address the intolerable acts including ‘indefinite detention’ and      the current NDAA 2012, Expatriation Act, Patriot Act, Assassination of      American Citizens by our government and other oath keeping issues.
  • Gary Stein, Marine Corps Veteran      and Founder of the Armed Forces Tea Party – Will address why he will not      follow illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional orders and why & how he      honors his oath to the Constitution.  He has been      charged recently from speaking out that he will not follow      unlawful and unconstitutional orders from anyone including our      president. This is a preemptive statement of refusal to obey illegal      and unconstitutional orders and violate his oath to the      constitution.  This is exactly what Oath Keepers is about and has      called for.
  • Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou      County, California & Member of the CSPOA Board of Directors- Will address protecting the      property rights of the farmers, ranchers and citizens in his county.       Sheriff Lopey is leading a group of Constitutional Sheriffs’ in Northern      California to save their livelihoods.
Why are we raising funds for the CSPOA?
In January of 2012 we made history with the first ever Constitutional Sheriffs’ & Peace Officers (CSPOA) Convention when over 100 Sheriff’s and Peace Officers attended from around the country to get educated. We The People raised over $100,000.  We plan to educate over 200 more in September 2012.  See more at:
You can also win prizes:  Front Site Firearms Training Institute Membership & Classes; Liberty Books; Oath Keeper Shirts; Knott’s Berry Farm Passes; Victoria Secret Gift Basket & Certificate; Security Flashlight/Stun Gun; Another Hair Salon in Newport Beach Gift Certificate; PGM Consulting 2hr Quick Books training session; Autographed Flags; Silver Coin; Raven Tattoo’s 2hr Tattoo Session in Huntington Beach; Starbucks Coffee 3#s; Thomas Tadlock Boot Camp 3 month Fitness Membership….and more.
This is your CALL TO ACTION:
Please spread the word.  We need support.  Make a direct impact on your freedom.  Attend and/or donate to educate more Sheriffs’ about the Constitution and Rule of Law.  Bring the family….bring friends.
Purchase tickets/donate on-line
See you there For Liberty,
John Oetken
Director, Southern California
Oath Keepers

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