ICLEI booted – again!

First, Molly ordered five copies of “Sustainable Development or Sustainable Freedom.” Then, she orderd a case. Then, she distributed the booklets to key people in Edmond, Oklahoma. When the Edmond City Council met Thursday night, they found nearly 200 people in attendance, insisting that the city end its contract with ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). “The benefits of the city’s membership are significantly outweighed by the negative perceptions of ICLEI that we have heard from people in our community, both in last Monday’s public comment forum and from the last couple of months in general,” said Larry Stevens, city manager.” Edmond, OK is the fourth community to terminate its relationship with ICLEI since the first of the year. Amador County, California; Carroll County, Maryland; Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and now, Edmond, Oklohoma. Congratulations to Molly Jenkins in Edmond, and Ruth Miller and Maggie Roddin in Montgomery County, and the Mother Lode Tea Party in Amador County, and to Commissioner Rothschild in Carroll County. Dedicated, informed people can, and are, making a difference.

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One Response to ICLEI booted – again!

  1. There are a lot more cities OUT OF ICLEI – see http://www.varight.com/iclei for details!

    Sandy Sanders

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