Action Alert for Calaveras County Property Owners!

Calaveras County is proposing changing our land uses without getting permission from individual property owners.
This may very well have a considerable negative impact on many peoples’ lives (retirements, for example). Imagine the hoops property owners would have to jump through to make such changes to their properties!
Check to see how your property is being affected!
Current Land Use Map                                      2012 Land Use Draft #1
Notice all of the Single Family Residential – 5 acre minimum (yellow), in the current map, that is being turned into “Resource Production” – 1 Dwelling per 40 acres (light green), in the Draft #1 map.
Those with high speed internet can click here to view a high quality version of the Current Land Use Map (Very large file. May take a few minutes to load)
Poster to share with your neighbors!!! 
Compare current Land Use Map, Current Land Use Map with Parcels, and  2012 Land Use Draft #1
Valley Springs Area Land Use maps added March 19, 2012
Compare current Valley Springs Area Land Use Map and Valley Springs Area Land Use Map Draft #1
Click on images for larger view (these images may take about 60 seconds to load)
Here is a link to a 1996 General Plan Land Use map overlaid with fairly accurate parcels:  This map has been adapted from the 1996 General Plan Land Use Map and the 2012 Land Use Map Draft #1. Boundaries are approximate.
Here is a link the County’s current Land Use Map with the township grid: Future Land Use Plan II-3
Compare the 1996 General Plan Land Use map with the Draft Land Use Map #1, which shows the changes the county wants to make to our properties.
Here is a link to the Draft Land Use Map #1: and a link to the map on the County’s website in PDF format:
This is the link to the Descriptions for Draft Land Use Map #1 on the County’s website:
We have until April 2 to comment on Draft #1. Comments received by April 2 will be addressed or incorporated into Draft #2 of the land use map.
All comments must be submitted in writing to the Planning Department via email, mail or in person.
Mail/In Person:
Calaveras County Planning Department
General Plan Coordinator
891 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, CA 95249
If you have questions please call the Planning Department: (209) 754-6394

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