World’s leading climate change skeptic in Sacramento Wednesday, March 21

Opportunites do not come along like this every day..Invite your legislators for the Wednesday afternoon session at the Capitol (public is invited to that session also) and then attend the Wednesday evening session at the Hinde Auditorium.  Our lives are being dictated every day- especially in California – with legislation like AB32 and SB375, all based on very questionable climate change statistics and data. AB32 and SB375 are all about getting us out of our cars, implementing Cap and Trade, getting us in to high density housing, extorting local governments by witholding transit dollars if their improvements don’t promote Smart Growth, and controlling our lives. Darrell Steinberg (D) has publicly announced that he will go after Vehicle Miles Travelled legislation again in 2012. Details of his plan are not known, but some advocates of VMT law goes so far as to having a GPS in your vehicle that will even determine your tax based on the kind of travelling you do (rural vs. urban, etc)  We need to get actively involved against this type of assault on our freedoms..

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