Calaveras County General Plan Update Study Session on Land Use

Calaveras County General Plan General Plan Update Study Session on Land Use
On February 14 at 2:30pm, the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors will be reviewing the first draft of the General Plan Land Use Map in the Board Chambers in San Andreas. The purpose of the study session is to introduce the General Plan Land Use Map Draft #1 and its land use categories for discussion.
The public may comment on the land use map Draft #1 at the Study Session but PUBLIC COMMENTS WILL NOTBE CONSIDERED “PUBLIC COMMENTS” ON THE PROJECT. Public comments on the project will have to be submitted into the record during noticed public hearings on the project.(See image of larger maps below)
The Board of Supervisors packet can be downloaded here:
The General Plan Study Session begins on page 129.
Lands Included in Draft #1: This draft includes the County’s Natural Resource Lands (forests, watersheds, agriculture, and mining lands) and the communities of Arnold, Avery, Burson, Camp Connell, Campo Seco, Darrington, Douglas Flat, Hathaway Pines, Jenny Lind, La Contenta, Milton, Murphys, Rancho Calaveras, Tamarack, Vallecito, Wallace, and White Pines.
The Land Use Map Draft #1 is included as Exhibits A and B and posted on the County website: It will be easier see specific properties on the website.  
The Planning Department has set up an email to receive General Plan comments and questions. All GP comments can be addressed to
The staff who prepared the map claim that the map acknowledges, to the greatest extent possible, the existing rural development in the County. However, “special status plant and animal species”, “oak woodlands” are considered “land-based constraints”. These questionable factors may put and unreasonable limit on rural development.
The government is wanting to “direct” [control] growth in what THEY consider to be the most “suitable areas” instead of leaving growth to the actual property owners and the conditions under which they purchased their property.
In the Board Packet, under ‘Clustering in Resource Production Lands’ it states, “…preservation of the County’s rural character has been identified as being of primary importance to its residents”. Preserving the County’s rural character may actually be of primary importance to many residents of Calaveras County but here, in America, the wishes of a majority do not trump individual rights. America is not a Democracy – and thank goodness it’s not! Throughout history Democracies have inevitably ended in tragedy. Those who wish to preserve the County’s rural character must purchase the property themselves. They must not force their ideals on other people. Likewise, The preservation of open space, wildlife habitat, watershed protection, oak woodlands and recreational opportunities is the responsibility of individuals who wish to PURCHASE the land and dedicate their life’s work to that end.
The most troubling part of the General Plan appears to be where 40+ acre parcels are designated “Resource Production”. Under “Clustering in Resource Production Lands” it states “Resource Production lands provide the County and its residents with open space, wildlife habitat, watershed protection, oak woodlands recreational opportunities…” People rarely buy private property with the intent to provide other people with open space, wildlife habitat, watershed protection, oak woodlands recreational opportunities. Hat’s off to those who do but the government shouldn’t force overbearing ideology of special interest groups on individuals.
From reading the Board packet, the government appears to have the attitude that they ALLOW us to use our land as THEY see fit, not as we saw fit at the time we purchased it. The government needs to remember its place:
    • People have inherent, natural, unalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness – the foundations of sovereignty.
    • Our Government exists expressly to protect these rights.
    • Our Government derives power from the consent of the governed, to protect these rights.
See the 2008 Land Use Map and the Draft Land Use Map side by side below.

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