Audit the Federal Reserve

67,592 Letters and Emails Sent So Far


The U.S. Federal Reserve sets and runs U.S. monetary policy while shrouded in secrecy. The Fed has doled out trillions of taxpayer dollars in so-called emergency lending, all the while refusing to disclose the details of its transactions and operations. This is the least democratic process in American government! The Federal Reserve makes policy that affects the economy in drastic ways but is not subject to oversight, investigation, or a vote by “We the People!”


In order for us to be sure that the Federal Reserve is being operated in the best interests of the American public, we must audit their activities. It is time for Congress to stand up to the Federal Reserve and demand they open their books to the American public. No organization should be allowed both that amount of power and that amount of secrecy. Tell Congress to audit the Fed!
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