Property Rights Alert! Government issued Wildlands map for California!!

Fellow patriot, Heather Gass, stumbled across a document that shows map after map of how the state of California will be carved up and connected to provide wildlife corridors all over the state. It appears that one of the lead agencies funding this is Caltrans. According to the document, all of the MPOs (Metropolitan Planning Organizations) will be using this map as part of their transportation planning.  Dr. Michael Coffman was right! The biodiversity map he drew was no myth.  A good map to look at is page 13 if you don’t want to read all of it.


Here is a 313 page doc about the mapping of all the wildlife corridors in California will be done. It lists all regions with maps of all currently owned public land and how they plan on taking the rest of our land.  Have you guys seen this? There is absolutely no mention of compensation or regard for private property rights! Unbelievable.

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