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‘We Will Not Comply’: Catholic Leaders Distribute Letter Slamming Obama Admin Contraceptive Mandate

We’ve covered the Catholic Church’s ongoing battle with the Obama administration over contraception health care mandates for quite some time. Over the weekend, though, the stand-off took an unusual turn, as Catholic churches across America read a letter to congregants … Continue reading

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CA air board to vote on landmark electric-car rules-Force us to Buy Electric cars

Great news!! Whether you like it or not, the State of California will force you to buy and expensive tinker toy electric car that goes almost no where.  You will need the High Speed Rail to get to San Fran … Continue reading

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Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83%, Ground Beef 24%, Bacon 22 %

We are told there is no inflation under Obama.  That is because government does not fully account for the food or energy we use in determining the inflation rate.  the cost of homes and cars are included. Now, how often … Continue reading

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PG&E Wants Higher Rates Even While Collecting Millions for Improvements Never Made?

PG&E wants you to pay for NOT putting in a a device that would raise your electric bill–guaranteed.  It wants you to pay each mont for the device you do not want and will not be installed.   The California … Continue reading

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Brad Dacus, President of The Pacific Justice Institute, to speak on “Rescuing Liberty from Coast to Coast”

The Motherlode Tea Party General Meeting, February 9th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm Italian Benevolent Society Hall 581 Hwy 49, Sutter Creek, CA   95685  

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‘No Train Please Act’: Petition To Repeal California High-Speed Rail Approved (POLL)

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen on Monday approved a petition that would allow voters to decide whether they want the state to move forward with its $98 billion high-speed rail project. Read more and VOTE…

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Self-respect comes only from people who take an active part in solving their own problems and who are not dependent on private or public entities only. ~Peter Racz

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