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“We The People” NorCal TPP Radio Shows

Every Sunday at 11:00 AM, KTKZ 1380 AM Some upcoming guests: Doby Fleeman – Economist Assemblyman Tim Donnley – Author of Repeal the Dream Act George Runner – State Board of Equalization Advertisements

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McClintock E-News: Payroll Tax Debate

Payroll Tax Debate Congress has been in the midst of a debate about payroll tax legislation. Congressman McClintock delivered floor remarks in the House about the various proposals, including on December 15th when he delivered remarks titled “Fixing the Payroll Tax:”

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After spirited discussions from November 28 to December 11 (including two days of overtime that ended only in the wee hours), the United Nations Climate Change conference in Durban, South Africa failed to achieve its two main goals: producing a … Continue reading

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State needs to increase CalSTRS annual funding by $3.8 billion for the next 30 years

As of today, CalSTRS admits to $56 billion in unfunded liabilities.  In 30 years that will grow to $114 billion.  Do not forget that CalSTRs has lied about its numbers in the past.  Why should we believe these? Read more…

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Businesses Exit California and Illinois; Tax and Destroy Policies of Governors Quinn and Brown

California and Illinois are competing hard to see which can have the highest taxes, the worst regulations and the desire to kill more jobs–for years both States have been run by Democrats or someone pretending to be a Republican–the amateur … Continue reading

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Judge Gets it Right: Arizona Chicano Studies Ruled Anti-American

Tucson’s anti-American anti-white studies curriculum was ordered shut down by an administrative law judge. Thanks to a wise decision  by Judge Lewis Kowal and vigilance  State Superintendent of Schools John Huppenthal, the racist anti-white curriculum is out. Parents who raised … Continue reading

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Tea Party rallies against ‘Dream Act’

REDLANDS – When it comes to fighting against an unwanted assembly bill, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots are working the old fashioned way – going door to door to gather signatures against AB 131. The new legislation, AB 131, would … Continue reading

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