A Final Season of CA No Sales Tax for Online Shoppers by Stephen Frank on 11/25/2011

Until now if you bought a product online from Amazon.com in Michigan and they sent the product via UPS, Californians paid no sales tax. Next year, the government, which has nothing to do with the sale, will take a bite, making the product more expensive. As products cost more, people buy less. The bottom line? More people unemployed, and the government will have reduced revenues. This is a losing proposition for everyone–but the Occupier Gang will feel good–using tax policy to unemploye people will prove to that capitalism is a failure–by using socialistic policies. ““It will level the playing field,” said Loni Hancock, a state senator from Berkeley who wrote the new tax law. “You will no longer get a 10 percent discount if you buy over the Internet.” Brick-and-mortar retailers lobbied hard for the new law, which they said could significantly change shopping patterns. “It will cause Internet shoppers to shop in a different universe,” said Bill Dombrowski, president and chief executive of the California Association of Retailers. Dombrowski said the most immediate beneficiaries could be large retailers like Macy’s and Barnes & Noble, which, unlike Amazon, have been collecting sales tax on Internet purchases.” The retailers like Walmart, to even the field should have asked for tax cuts instead of tax increases. In the end stores like Wal Mart will lose–as will the families of California.

Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views


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