State Senate has approved approved the second half of the so-called California Dream Act

Well, Sacramento is up to its tricks again!  They were
supposed to vote on AB131 Sept 1st but the phones have been lit up with citizens voicing their opposition so they rushed it through yesterday..Read the latest version of the bill here and the Sacramento Bee account of the bill
.Here is a summary:

The state Senate has approved the
second half of the so-called California Dream Act,
which would allow students who are illegal immigrants to apply for state-funded
scholarships and financial aid.

The Senate approved AB131 on a 22-11 vote Wednesday. The state Assembly must approve changes to the bill it previously passed before it goes to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Call Jerry Brown and ask him to veto this bill when it comes across his desk

Phone is 916-445-2841 and fax is 916-558-3160

Talking points:

  • I am asking you to veto AB 131 if it reaches your desk.
  • At a time when higher education faces severe program cuts, and American students face tuition and fee hikes, it makes no sense to give illegal immigrants taxpayer-financed assistance.
  • Financial assistance should be reserved for citizens in need.
  • Even if these illegal immigrants get a college degree, they cannot legally obtain employment here. That means that California taxpayers will have subsidized the education of people who can’t
    legally use their degree in the United States.
  • Given our budget crisis, I do not understand why this bill is even under consideration.  AB 131 an affront to taxpayers and must be vetoed!

Both Berryhills voted NO on this bill.. Gagliania voted
YES, and looks like Huber ABSTAINED

Rumor has it that when they know they have enough votes to pass something, they let Huber either Vote no or abstain, since she is in a vulnerable seat… Then we can all
think she is moderate…but watch her Committee votes- not moderate there at all…pretty much down party lines…


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