Californians Angry at Local Gov’t: Recalls Starting

Government is mismanaged, incompetent or corrupt.  In Lindsay,
California–home of the best olives grown in America–the city council takes the

““Not only have you failed to respond to questions from the public
you represent, the city administration, again under your leadership, has been
anything but transparent with details on how our tax dollars have been spent.
The citizens insisted that city hall stop paying excessive managerial salaries.
You appointed a new city manager, who makes an even
higher salary than our former city manager.

“Your actions and inactions
have exposed us to financial ruin and this community cannot afford the risk of
bankruptcy with your continued presence on the city council. We the people of
Lindsay deserve transparency, accountability and oversight in our city
Government. You have failed and outright refused to provide us with

Who says the attitude of the Tea Party is declining?  Maybe a few
more Recalls and the corrupt officials will get the message–be honest or be

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views
August 31, 2011, 12:04 AM

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