State Extorts Cities That Blackmail Business–Ugly

If Santa Barbara wants to continue to extort private property owners, give private property to big corporations and special interests, it must pay blackmail to the State of California.

“Santa Barbara City Councilman Dale Francisco slammed Sacramento legislators on Tuesday for holding California cities’ redevelopment money for ransom to balance the state budget.

He called out Assemblyman Das Williams in particular for supporting two laws that the councilman believes are unconstitutional. Assembly Bill X1 26 dissolved 425 redevelopment agencies around the state, and AB X1 27 allowed cities to reinstate them for a fee.

Francisco said Santa Barbara would have to pay a fee of $7 million by Jan. 15 or lose its redevelopment

My problem is that I do not know which is more corrupt–Santa Barbara or the State of California?  When you have to choose between two evils, you still get evil.

Here we have an extorter complaining about being extorted.  Funny?

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views

August 18, 2011, 01:50 AM


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