California Wages War On Single-Family Homes

The Left wants you to live like folks in New York–in small cramped apartments, filled with rage–America’s version of Calcutta.

“So, why wage war on the house? Some greens seem to regard the single-family house as an assault on eco-consciousness. Yet in many cases, these objections are overstated. Research supporting higher-density housing , for example, has routinely excluded the greater emissions from construction material extraction and production, building construction itself and& greenhouse gas emissions from common areas like parking levels, entrances and elevators.

Further, higher densities are associated with greater congestion, which retards fuel efficiency and increases greenhouse gas emissions, a factor not sufficiently considered. Given that less than 10% of Bay Area residents take transit — and barely 3% in its economic engine Silicon Valley — higher density likely would create greater, not fewer, emissions.

The ABAG report also studiously avoids mentioning the potential greenhouse gas reductions to be had by expanding telecommuting, which is growing six times faster than the fervently pushed transit commuting in the region. The Silicon Valley already has 25% more telecommuters than transit users. Clearly, by pushing telecommuting, you could get big reductions in GHG without a “cramming” agenda.”

Why does the Left hate people living well?  They prefer suffering to success.  They want people to feel bad about living–as if suffering is good for the soul.

Enjoy life–be a conservative.  When you find a leftist don’t shake their hand, give them an anti-depressant.

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views
July 27, 2011, 11:48 PM


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