Study Finds Higher Costs with Labor Pacts–Union work CostsMore–Quality Not Improved

Labor Agreements are for the purpose of paying off government for “labor peace” or donations to office holders–using tax dollars for the pay back. (extortion in the real world)

“The National University System Institute for Policy Research bills their study as the biggest analysis ever done on project labor agreements. It examined 551 school construction projects across California. It did not include projects built under the San Diego Unified labor agreement.

The think tank found that when California school districts used the labor pacts, construction projects cost an average of almost $303 per square foot, markedly more than the $228 state average. Costs were higher even when they factored in whether schools had multiple floors, gyms or a pool, the authors said.

The study was funded in part by Associated Builders & Contractors, a trade group for construction contractors that seeks to ban the pacts. Researchers said the results could shed light in debates over adopting the pacts.”

That is $75 per square foot the children are doing.  That means the unions are stealing $75 per square from the education of children–just as they steal money from teachers, by force.

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views
July 24, 2011, 11:58 PM


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