The Global Warming Hoax: How Soon We Forget

Everybody knows that Al Gore was just trying to make money by scaring the American people.  His “Global Warming” was an effort to sell products and services by his companies to “protect us” from the horrors of his words.  He refused to debate anyone, because he knew and knows he is lying.

“While Americans are rightfully focused on the unemployment situation and the debt limit negotiations, we’ve pretty much forgotten about global warming as an issue ever since Obama failed to pass his Cap & Trade bill.  As a result, we’re becoming complacent once again about the huge threat we face from the progressives’ attempts to control the world’s energy industry based on the greatest scientific hoax in human history.  In reality, however, nothing’s changed, as Obama is still imposing his will on us through the EPA’s regulation of CO2.

This hoax still threatens our economy, while advancing the UN’s “Agenda 21” in more ways than one.  It’s also the foundation of Obama’s “green jobs” approach to the unemployment issue, since the very concept of “green jobs” is just as bogus as the idea of a “carbon footprint.”

Thanks to Gore and his buddy Arnold, California is committing suicide via AB 32–jobs, families and businesses are fleeing the State.

We can not forget this fraud and corruption.

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views
July 20, 2011, 01:42 AM


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