Democrats to FORCE CA Workers to use Gov’t Transportation

The Democrats in Sacramento are passing a bill that would force workers in most of the State, if they work for a firm with 20 or more workers, to ONLY use government transportation to get to work.

This, it is said, will “save” the workers 40% of the cost of going to work.  Of course it could double the time for the workers to get to their job.  Or, if the goonions decide to strike, the workers will not be able to get to work.

Why are businesses leaving California?  The Democrats are making it harder for workers to show up.  Why are we staying in a Depression for at least a generation?  Honest, decent family people, productive workers can not afford hours taken from their kids and spouses by government fiat.

This is going to force even more people to leave the State.  The good news is that this will free up the roads, so the illegal aliens–who never obey laws–to get to work quicker.

Pass this on, let folks know what the mainstream media is refusing to tell us.

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views
July 14, 2011, 12:58 AM


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One Response to Democrats to FORCE CA Workers to use Gov’t Transportation

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    I read the article you linked to and it seems that workers won’t be forced to use public transportation, BUT I can imagine there would be a lot of arm-twisting by employers since they would realize a tax benefit for employees that do use the public transportation. Not good, esp. in this job climate. I can see employees feeling like they are forced if they think their next promoition or even their job were on the line. Lousy bill. And and even lousier excuse for a bill. Greenhouse gases–someday the truth will out & folks of the future will look back at this faulty “science” of climate change and we’ll be on par with the 18th century docs who prescribed blood letting with leeches.

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