Democrats ACA 6 Would End Initiatives, Like Prop. 13

Democrats are afraid of you.  Oh not that you will vote them out of the office, the unions and special interests will protect them.

No, the Democrats are afraid of another Prop.13, another Prop. 209 which outlawed bigotry protected by government–Jim Crow laws in California.

“Assembly Constitutional Amendment 6, introduced by Assembly Democrats Mike Gatto and Mike Feuer, would radically enhance the power of the Legislature and two unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats while severely limiting the People’s right to put initiatives on the ballot.

ACA 6 would prohibit any initiative from even being voted on if, in the opinion of either the Legislative Analyst or the Director of Finance, the measure did not “pay for itself.” No exceptions. And if the voters at a future date tried to repeal ACA 6 outright, these same two unelected bureaucrats could determine that such a measure itself ultimately would have a “cost” to government in excess of $5 million and, as such, could simply order that the measure not be placed on the ballot. Under 100-year-old constitutional law in California, only the courts have had the power to order something off the ballot.”

Actually this may be good–every crazy leftists ballot measure costs more than $5 million–and we are broke, can not afford anything new.

Democrats are shaking, the people of California will overturn there destructive policies.

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Stephen Frank’s California Political News and Views
July 14, 2011, 12:38 AM


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