Hauser’s Law

W. Kurt Hauser is a San Francisco investment economist who published fresh and eye-opening data about the federal tax system fifteen years ago. His findings imply that there are draconian constraints on the ability of higher taxes to generate fresh revenues. I think his discovery deserves to be called Hauser’s law, because it is as central to the economics of taxation as Boyle’s law is to the physics of gases. Yet economists and policy makers are barely aware of it.
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One Response to Hauser’s Law

  1. Fulch2010 says:

    What a compelling, engaging film! I just filed my taxes for 2011 and it reminded me all over again how incredibly ridiculous our tax code is, and why this film needed to be made. The film does a superb job of explaining how our tax code has become so complex, and providing smart, credible solutions for reform we so desperately need. Perfect timing, for Tax Day. You don’t want to miss this!!!

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