Beware the WUI!!!

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors will be discussing the Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The proposed plan will implement Wildland Urban Interfaces (WUI’s).

Some reasons why WUI’s are of concern:

  • WUI’s increase government control and expense.
  • Properties put into Wildland Urban Interface will have potentially higher fire insurance.
  • Wildland Urban Interface firefighters invite US Fish and Wildlife experts to map potentially endangered species, and then create Habitat Conservation Plans.
  • Building products used in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) must comply with specific regulations and standards. This will lead to higher building costs, engineering costs, inspections costs, and possibly cronyism and it will devalue real estate.
  • Wildland Urban Interface facilitates the United Nations agenda of Sustainable Development which is an anti-American form of collectivist governance. It increases the government’s control and expense.

The government’s irresponsible spending is putting the stability of our country at risk. There are far better ways of fire prevention that don’t involve government intrusion.



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